White Star Luxury Yachts AG, Seestrasse 39, 9326 Horn, Switzerland

Friendly Professional Crew

Hooligan Crew

Our crews take a large part in your Del Sol Charter holiday experience and could easily be one of the main reasons there are so many returning guests. The crew creates a sense of family on board; however, good crews are only around you when you need them. Experienced crew members perform their duties in a seamless flow. This could make you think that their job is easy, seeing how effortlessly service unfolds: from serving your meals and drinks, docking or anchoring manoeuvres, line handling to standing watches.

Your captain and crew are experienced seafarers knowing cruising grounds in and out and will share their knowledge, skills, and local lore with you. When the Del Sol Luxury Charter originated first, the crews on our yachts were family members. Today with higher requirements set by the local authorities and international regulations you will come across more International crews.

The crew of 3-4 serve you on board as captain, cook and general assistant or steward. The captain and the crew will do all the cooking and cleaning, relaxing, swimming and sunbathing are your responsibility!

Your captain will see to it that your cruise moves along at a good pace. He decides on departure times and suggests mealtimes according to the composition of the group, the day of the week and weather conditions. The captain is responsible for the safety of the vessel and its passengers and has the right to alter the itinerary when necessary.

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