Below is a copy of guidelines to keep our clients and crew safe. Further and more detailed information is available on request. If you do or one of your charter party has allergies in general or is allergic to specific cleaning materials, please let us know in advance.

Equipment to on board:


-Pairs of gloves

-Hand sanitizer

-Disinfectant wipes

-If the boat is habitable, air disinfectant and bag for transport of sheets


Each yacht must undergo a thorough sanitary cleaning between each charter:

  • Disinfect the cockpit, throttle, steering wheel, keys, handrails, handles, instruments, and surfaces touched by sailors using disinfectant wipes.
  • Clean the boat deck and cushions.
  • Minimum wait 4 hours between charters.
  • If the yacht has habitable cabins:
  • Each time the yacht returns from a charter: apply an air disinfectant for the inside of the boat and ventilate before cleaning.
  • Disinfect using a single-use washing wipe: Floor and surfaces, waste bins, showers and toilets, disinfection of bedding (cushions, sheets, mattresses…). Machine wash at 60°C according to a normal washing cycle, with a conventional detergent.

The entire procedure must respect all rules of social distancing.

  • Only one member of the crew is allowed to take charge of the boat and board it. The rest of the crew must stay away and not wait on the pontoon.
  • Renters and crew must wear masks throughout the procedure and disinfect their hands before and after.
  • The crew to wear gloves.

For the check-out, the procedure can only begin once the boat has been cleared of personal belongings and its crew.

  • Empty trash cans, refrigerators, and bathrooms.
  • Unload renters belongings
  • Only the captain can stay to carry out the check-out procedure. The crew must leave the boat and clear the pontoon.
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